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My IDIOTIC friend

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    I have a serious problem. My friend thinks she can jump off the moon. I know it's really dumb, but my classmates and I just can't convince her. Say like she's a baby, cause she's a moron. We even drew diagrams and pictures. Please help.
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    jimmy p

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    slap her around a few times will satisfy you, even if it doesnt help her problem. Why not try talking REAL slowly to her, because she is so simple, and try not to use big words.
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    Simply...NASA had to use rocket engines to get the astronauts off the moon. Show the video of the Apollo moon landings. Jumping off would have been much cheaper!

    Complexly...calculate the escape velocity and show how she cannot jump that fast (ok, not a good approach for a moron)

    Obscurely...sure, she can jump off the moon...for a couple feet before she falls back down due to gravity (just like on Earth). The Moon's gravity is about one-sixth that of the Earth's...so she could jump up to 6 times higher. Measure how high she can jump now and show how high that would be on the moon.
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    giant, you are just now beginning to learning about women.

    say "yes dear" and move on. no way you win the debate. in fact, if you win, YOU LOSE!

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    Sorry, but she's not a "dear". she's annoying and ugmo. She's also very dumb. Turn Off.
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    http://www.qrg.nwu.edu/projects/vss/docs/space-environment/2-whats-escape-velocity.html [Broken]

    Your friend will need more than a pair of legs to jump upwards at 2.38km/sec.
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    She might be able to pull that off if she's one of those East German women

    Don't try to convince her, just collectively mock her.
    Mocking sort-of-behind-her-back will make her feel alienated and she'll try to become part of the group again.

    There's this one guy in engineering who's a total pain in the butt. We started to make jokes about him all the time when he's sort of within hearing distance. After that he just smartened up and stopped saying stupid stuff in class (like "careful or I'll turn you into plastic").
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