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My Interest in Physics and Mathematics

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    Hi Folks
    May be a'm buggingu ppl with these time taking questions .. But i am not in state to go ahead with my interests

    I am interested in understanding different aspects of physics and mathematics related to same .

    Can anyone of u guide me as where to start ?. This is the biggest quesion in front of me . :smile:

    I wud like to develop sound knowledge in Maths + Physics .

    Looking eagerly for ur help.

    Thanks in advance
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    Are you in school? Will you be going to school, or do you plan to learn on your own?
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    well, assuming you are in college or are going to be entering college, a safe bet would be taking the calculus/diff eq sequence and the introductory physics sequence, and also the modern physics course (if available).

    and...of course, if you REALLY like that stuff, you can major in physics...
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    I need to answer following questions for you .
    1: I completed my graduate studies as computer science student . I have learnt physics or maths as one required subject .

    But my interest in these two subjects has increased a lot . So i need guidance as how to proceed . May be this is very basic at this point of time . Still i have to go wuth my interest in understnading Maths and Physics.

    Man these info would be more clearer .
    Eagery waiting for ur reply.

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    Assuming that you are attending college, that information is readily available in your institutions calendar. Consult that first as it will give you a greater insight on what to take than what you are suggested to take on PF. However, I am surprised you were not required to take any math courses as a computer science major.

    If you are not attending college, then specify if your self-learning.
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