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My interest leans towards Electrical/Computer/Electronics engineering?

  1. Nov 21, 2012 #1
    Currently I'm in a dilemma whether which of the 2 engineering actually suits what I want to pursue/do in the future...

    Background: After completing my highschool, I can conclude that I have deep interest in physics, chemistry, programming, calculus which I didn't have much of a problem grasping on to their concepts.

    I would like to see myself in the future being in a team of experts designing next generation smartphones, portable holograms affordable to the public, wireless internet connection with speeds comparable to optic fiber broadband, flying drones with the size of a fly etc.

    After doing some research, I guess my answer might be either computer or electronics ENG
    but I'm not really sure whether its right or not...

    Can anyone out there give me some advice whether which disciplines would be bring my closer to my dream?

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