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My internet is soooo slow.

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    My internet is going very slow. I can barely download a website nevermind a file over 1mb.

    I have Spybot and cleared all spyware and immunize the files. I did an Norton Virus scan, and got rid of a cookie I had. That was all.

    I have wireless system hooked up, and like "repaired" the thing. It's an option on the thing, but it didn't really find anything wrong. The other computers in the house work fine. It is cable internet.

    I also have 512mb ram, so I don't think I'm running out of ram.

    Thanks for any help. :approve:
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    Do you use a firewall?
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    If its wireless are you using it in the same place you always have? Try updating or reinstalling the wireless card drivers. See if the problem is the same if you move the computer closer to your wireless router.
    one last thing, I like adware from lavasoft, it cleans up alot of things but I doubt it will fix the problem its just a nice program to use.
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    Look at how the system resources are being consumed. You may have picked up a worm that is hijacking your system to spread itself. If you have recently opened an email containing an image (especially concerning storms, weather, etc) you may have a nasty one.
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    Do some basic tests. Scan your hard drive to make sure that isn't an issue. Second, test your memory (memtest.org works well). If you have another wireless card you could swap in to make sure it isn't a problem with that piece of hardware.

    Next thing is Norton -- I used to use it but it was a resource hog and caused problems with my internet connection because it took so long to scan everything that was incoming. You may want to consider an alternate virus protector.

    Start trying things and maybe we could help with more specific issues.
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    Ok, it's working fine at school.

    So nothing is wrong with the computer. But it can't be the hardware or the location I'm in, because the hardware works (I'm downloading something right now) and the location at home has always been the same.

    I'll try different areas in the house and see what happens.

    Thanks guys.
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    Is your wireless access point protected? Are you *sure* nobody else is consuming your BW?
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    If someone was using my bandwith, then my other computers wouldn't be downloading faster either. They are downloading like normal.

    Also, it is protected. We tried unprotected, but it doesn't work.
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    My internet still goes slow at home even when I'm closer to the wireless network.

    I know nothing is wrong with my card because it works fine at school. I'll try my sisters laptop at home and see how that goes.
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    Do you have the option of changing the "channel" (I don't remember if that's what it's called...I know I had to play with it when I first moved here because my neighbors also have wireless and I was getting a slow connection due to interference between multiple wireless networks running on too similar of a channel) you're using for your wireless connection to your server? Maybe you're getting interference from something else? I only know macs though, so I'm not sure what you can and can't change on PCs.

    Do you use your laptop at the same time of day as the other computers in the house are used? Maybe it's just that your cable service is slower during the times you're using it, or when your laptop is added to all the other computers in the house sharing it, that slows down everything, but you don't notice if you disconnect your laptop before checking another computer? I'm just throwing out some wild guesses here.
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