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My Introduction : Who Am I ?

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    Name :- Sourabrata Bose.
    Class/Level :- X (10)
    Country :- India, West Bengal, Kolkata.
    Hobbies And Interests :-
    1) Reading Books.
    2) Collecting Old and Foreign coins.
    3) Surfing Internet (Researching On Physics and technological Developements).
    Aim In Life :- To Be A Mechanical/Robotic/Electronic and Telecommunication Engineer.
    Special Duties :- N/A.
    Social Networks :- Facebook.
    Status :- Student.
    Participation Type :- I can be an asset as well as liability to the forum. I will ask questions most of the time.
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    Welcome to PF!

    You might want to add this information on your PF profile page.
    Enjoy hanging out here!
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