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My introduction

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    My only science training is an undergraduate degree in Chemistry and Mathematics from a long time ago. However, I have a masters degree in Decision Science and work with regression analysis and other techniques to attempt to understand data. Thus, I'm very familiar with modeling and ways to extract a signal from the background noise of the data.

    I have several issues that have been bothering me since high school.
    These concern the interpretation of relativity, specifically, the belief that the mass of a particle goes to infinity as it approaches a velocity of light. Second, the belief that the speed of light in a vacuum is a universal constant.

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    Welcome to the PF, Jim. :smile:

    There are a number of threads and FAQs and Insights articles that should help you with understanding those issues. Enjoy!
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    Hello Jim, and welcome to the forum. I understand your first concern on relativity, but what makes you think the speed of light is not universally constant in a vacuum?
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    The New Member Introduction forum is just for that. Any technical discussions must take place in the technical forums. After reading through what I mentioned, I'm sure Jim will have more questions that will fit in the technical forums. :smile:
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