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My Introduction

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    Hello, folks.

    I'm an Industrial Electrician/Controls Technician considering pursuing an Electrical Engineering degree. I stumbled across this forum while searching for career advice, and liked what I saw. I have always been amazed by the power of electricity, and I have always worked in different sectors of the industry my entire adult career. I've done commercial and residential electrical construction, transmission power line construction, and now I'm doing industrial plant maintenance at a sawmill. I started out doing basic repairs and troubleshooting and have worked my way up to process improvement. Every day is different, but an average day for me is checking my e-mail to see what kind of problems we have, speaking with my manager to see where I can be of the most use, and designing/implementing solutions to deal with problems and increase productivity.

    To me, I feel as though I'm already doing what a plant engineer would be doing if we had one. I'm the only one on our staff who makes major edits to the PLC program, installs VFD's on axis that don't already have them, manages our documentation to keep all our drawings up to date, etc.. I feel like with a degree, and a deeper level of theoretical knowledge, I can do the job more effectively and demand a better salary.

    Anyways, that's a lot of detail just to say "hello". But I look forward to using this site as a resource for my future endeavors, and contributing wherever I can. Thanks for having me!
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    Welcome to the PF! :smile:
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