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My introduction

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    Hello, i'm enthusiast, particularly interested in the field of classical electrodynamics.

    My physical related hobby is radio engineering in my home lab. I am currently experimenting with receiver circuits in HF and VHF bands.

    With kind regards, Prehistorik.
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    Welcome to the PF :smile:

    Are you a HAM radio operator?
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    Hello berkeman,
    not yet.

    I will sign up for license as soon as i feel confident with my morse code skills.

    Morse code proficiency is optional part of national A license here and i want it too.
    I would probably pass now, but i want to be 100% sure.

    Expecting to become HAM operator in about 6 months or so :-)

    With kind regards, Prehistorik.
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    Interesting. What country are you in? In the Americas at least, Morse Code is no longer required for HAM radio licenses. This has resulted in a large swell in the numbers of emergency responders with HAM licenses -- that's a big help here in earthquake country... :smile:
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    Ha! Boy, did you beat me to that question Mr. Berkeman

    Welcome P.W. And 73 !

    Electron s.
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    I live in Czech Republic. Morse code knowledge appears only as remark in license here. It's not needed and i suppose that not
    many young HAMs apply for it. But it's only my opinion, could be wrong.

    I train 6 minutes reception at 17WPM, then i "resend" it on straight key.
    The examination rules are: 12WPM for 3minutes RX+3minutes TX which i find a little bit boring :-)

    Let's hope for some contacts in future...

    With kind regards, Prehistorik
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