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My introduction

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    Hello my name is lucio I'm from Denmark. My English grammar might not be so great so don't judge me to much. I first got interested in physics the first time I had it in school, I think the subject was atoms, I'm not quite sure. But then after I got my interest I started watching YouTube videos about interesting subjects like quantum physics, string theory, fundamental particles etc. and I also watched lectures(i still do) but then later on I started to read on the internet about the subjects to dig deeper then just YouTube videos. I'm an 8th grader so don't expect me to know very much. My favorite interest Is mostly theoretical stuff. But I'm especially fond of the theory about everything(the string theory or m theory). Please do ask me questions or give me suggestions to thinks to read or videos to watch.
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    Welcome to the PF, Lucio. Have a look around the PF forums and read through some threads that look interesting to you, and you will find lots of links to more information. Look for threads marked with the "B" = Basic prefix for now, to find information that fits your background. As you learn more, read through the threads with the "I" = Intermediate prefix. Enjoy! :smile:
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    Thanks Berkeman!!
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