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My milkshake

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    I was just thinking, why isn't there any whole note, half note, quarter, and eighth note unicode characters?

    Anyway, I am going to make a milkshake in my blender with the following ingredients:
    Chocolate ice cream
    Hershey's chocolate flavoured sauce
    Nonfat cow's milk (i was going to rant but I won't)
    Ice Ih

    That's all you need! I can't tell you the proportions because its my secret recipe :smile:

    or because I don't know them.

    I haven't made one for several months, it will be good!!!

    :tongue2: Ready! I'll tell you how it goes.
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    And here I thought you were talking about your ta -ta's.
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    "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard..."
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    Because so few people actually know anything about music, perhapse?
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    Meaning you don't know anything about music
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    go hump a cactus.
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    Yes, it is sheet music... I was going to ask what is your point, but what is the point in that?

    My milkshake was very good! I LOOOVE my milkshakes the best, and they're cheap. Messy though, if you buy ones, they're not as messy, you don't have to clean everything afterwards!

    The only thing I can't do, is this:
    There always seems to be some low-viscosity liquid (probably the milk and melted ice cream and melted ice) left at the beginning and the end of the milkshake! How do I eliminate this part? I want a milkshake with even density!
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    try using skim milk instead of the low fat cow's milk :smile:
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