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My Mobile Hurts my fingers hands then whole arm

  1. May 22, 2004 #1
    My Mobile Hurts my fingers ... hands .. then whole arm!!

    My mobile went messed up for sum reason and i have stopped using it now. It used to make my fibgers hurt...it got worse and worse until it made my fingers numb in a matter of minutes if i used it. Thne it hurt my whole arm one day and i stopped using it. Now, my doctor was totally dismissive - the chekout he done was my pulse! He was saying that 'there have been reports, so far its not proven'. I thought to myself ... i am in pain and he says i can't prove it!! ... then i pulled myself outta that philosophical state of mind and repeated my problems. he just told me i can stop using it if want to. Can i have cancer? I am very scared - any sensible comments wil be v.much appreciated!!!

    Thanks in advance

    no-one belived me until i made them actually hold it and feel a tingly sensation!
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    If other people felt the same thing when holding it, then it's probably a short in it somewhere giving you a light shock when you hold it. Sounds like time for a new one (or to return it for a replacement if it's fairly new).

    If nobody else feels the same thing, if you hold your arms out in front of you and raise your hands palm outward (as if telling someone to stop), do you feel the same thing? If so, it could be carpal tunnel syndrome and holding the phone just puts your hand in a position that you notice it more.
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    Thank you soo much for that. Luckily its not carpal tunnel syndrome. I'm worried about possbile effects it may have had already :(
    Thanks again!
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    Are you talking about just holding the phone to your head? Or are you talking about typing text messages on it? Or what?

    - Warren
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    The mind is a powerful thing, maybe something sparked the fear and the mind took over. Concentrating a lot on the arm fearing something is going on, definately can make it feel weird. Maybe it is something like RSI, due to which holding your arm in an odd position makes it feel weird, I'm just guessing. Did you try using another person's mobile to see if you get the same symptoms?
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    Jus holding it in my hand. I now n again got back to it after i'd stopped using it cos its easier to type text on it - my finger tips went numb writing a quik text!

    Im currently using a different phone-its fine.

    Trust me ... took a Lot of time before i actually believed in it myself ... my brother or for that matter any1 else ... didnt belive in it. Wen my whole arm was affected I realised that this has gone too far ... no more denial. The mind might be a powerful thing - I don't think I have the power to make others feel pain :D
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