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My new experiment

  1. May 21, 2007 #1
    ok guys and gals here is the deal...i have managed to get my hands on an electric scooter that has the speed controller fried...now it has 3 12 volt batteries hasnt been charged in about 9 months. it is a 900 watt scooter and im looking in to repairing this and making it go as FAST as possible...

    now here is the thing...i heard you can bypass the speed controller with a high current relay or something like that...how do i bypass this and what do i need? anyone give me any direction? there is also the more batteries bigger motor thing but i cant do that...im trying to work with what i have...if anyone can give me any direction as to what to do i would be so greatful thank you very much
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    oh and i just bought a 36 volt charger for it off of ebay because it did not come with one is that ok? thanks!
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    To be honest mate it sounds quite dangerous what your doing. By-passing manufacturer placed things like speed controllers is not advisable and anyone who could tell you how to do it will be worried about being liable if they give you any advice. I'd find something a bit more simple if I were you, there's loads of other interesting avenues out there :wink:
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    i need to know more about this does anyone know???
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    Not enough information.
    Without a controler to ramp up the power it is likely to just flip over.
    I would look into repairing the fried controller.
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