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My new flat

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    I have moved in today, the move wasn't easy as i couldn't get standard furniture through the door so i had to find flat pack, the flat is in Southam town just on the outskirts but within an easy 5 min walk to shops, all in all i am quite happy with it.
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    Hi Wolram, great to see you again. :smile:

    I guess you need some help with the decoration of your new flat.
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    Wolly! Glad to see you again :smile:

    Looks like your old address is no longer valid - where to send postcards in the future? Turbo can be reached just by addressing your mail "Turbo, east of Kennebec river", but I am afraid "Wolly, outskirts of Southam town" can be a little be too vague.

    lol, this is Market Hill in Southam:

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    Hmmm, a physicist living in flat-space? That won't do. Maybe you can install a couple of mini black holes to spruce up the place with a little curvature. :smile:
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    Wolram!! Do try to get pictures. We've missed you a lot.!!
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    Woolie, so good to hear from you...glad you're happy with your new habitat :smile:.
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    So good to see you back here, Woolie. It's good to hear that you have an apartment near the shops, so you'll have some independence. It's tough to live out-of-town when you have lost your drivers' license.
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    Alright, nice to see you mate! Glad you are all moved in, and feel comfortable in your new home. We missed you very much.{{Hugs}}
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    Ace in your face.
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    OH--LOOK--- this building --a two door style

    Well come back !!!
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    http://www.med.uwo.ca/ecosystemhealth/education/glossary.htm#H [Broken]. :tongue:
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    Welcome back, Wollie! I hope your new home is snug and cozy and makes you feel as welcome as you do here.
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    Hi Wollie.. Great to see you back!! Hope you're settling into your new digs.
    Did you happen to scout out some good places for a ball of chalk?
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    That's awesome, Wollie! When's the housewarming? All the PF sisters want to come. We'll bring prezzies and food. Evo will make sushi for us :)
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    Welcome back Woolie. Glad you found a nice little place. Those shops look very nice. Much nicer than the ones I live above.
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    I am not having a house warming party yet MIH, i will wait till the newness wears out a bit then i wont be worried you lot will mess up my carpets and counter tops lol.
    Thanks for all the nice words folk's :biggrin:
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    What good news... Can't wait to see pictures!

    (At first instinct I was worried your "flat" might be a flat tire... as we had one of those this weekend).
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    Welcome back to PF wolram. I'm so glad you are in your new place.
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