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My New Love

  1. Jan 18, 2004 #1
    http://www.ibanez.com/guitars/models/RG1570RB.jpg [Broken]
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  3. Jan 18, 2004 #2
    Whoa, thats a tasty guitar.

    But i prefer this one, http://

    Absolutely Gorgeous
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    I also have an S470 -- awesome guitar. Everytime I go to a guitar store and play other guitars I'm simply reminded how amazing mine is.

    - Warren
  5. Jan 18, 2004 #4
    im not good enough yet to warrant myself paying aload of money for a good guitar, but someday.
  6. Jan 18, 2004 #5
    Fine Zero! I am also learning Spanish guitar :)
    Just finished the chords :(
    But soon I can play songs :)
  7. Jan 18, 2004 #6
    Yeah, and probabaly $10,000 too!!

    I likes mine just fine, thanks...nice enough to want to play it constantly ,not so nice that I'm afraid to take it out of the case.
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  8. Jan 18, 2004 #7
    And, I think it complements my OTHER love...

    http://www.espguitars.com/images/guitars/EC1000_stbc.jpg [Broken]
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  9. Jan 18, 2004 #8
    Yea, i would never want to play that one. I think my mate has a very simliar Ibanez to yours but probably a couple of models down, think his cost £500.
  10. Jan 18, 2004 #9
    What's that got, a 22-fret Wizard II neck? Probably plays just like the RG, since the neck is like 2 mm thicker. I just don't like the slender body as much...
  11. Jan 18, 2004 #10
    Whoa, how much did you shell out on these beauties?
  12. Jan 18, 2004 #11
    Well, it is always worth having a better guitar...they make it easier for you to express yourself, even if you aren't great.
  13. Jan 18, 2004 #12
    Keep at it! We all have to start somewhere, and you'll be playing songs before you know it!
  14. Jan 18, 2004 #13
    The ESP was $800($900 once I got done with changing a pickup) , the Ibanez was $560...plus $150 once I throw some new pickups in it.
  15. Jan 18, 2004 #14
    Yea, but my wallet is struggling to keep up with my spending, especially with a new car coming.
  16. Jan 18, 2004 #15
    Thanks! Zero :)
    Yes! You are correct, where I learn guitar (from a member of a local Band group) everyone tryies to play songs before learning it....actually they don't want to wait to finish all the grammers ;)

    Btw, what's the company of your guitar?
    I don't have electric one...it's Givson Jumbo :)
    My boss (Band member) says for learning purpose, acoustic guitar is fine :)
  17. Jan 18, 2004 #16
    Well, what have you got now?
  18. Jan 18, 2004 #17
    The blue one is an Ibanez...and you probably wouldn't want to learn to play on one of those.

    Did you mean a Gibson Jumbo acoustic? Jeez, those are great guitars, you are a lucky player to get to learn on one of those!

    I wish I had learned properly the first time around, I have spent the last year unlearning bad habits.
  19. Jan 18, 2004 #18
    I have a Yamaha Pacifica, i have been looking for a picture of it but cant find one, can only find custon models. But it cost my parents about £100.

    I have been teaching myself how to play for about a year now, although it hasnt been nonstop. I figured that when i can play all of the sweet child O'mine solo then i would get me a new one.
  20. Jan 18, 2004 #19
    Actually, Pacificas aren't that bad at all...you could do worse for a first guitar.
  21. Jan 18, 2004 #20
    Cool, i dont think there is anything wrong with it, but i have played on a mates Guitar, tis one which Steve Vai uses/used and it feels so much better than my little baby.

    But i do quite like the Guitar that slash uses in the Sweet Child O'Mine Video. That would probably be the guitar i go for next.
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