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My new mp3player sucks :-(

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    i recently bought a sony walkman nwz-b142f. but the shuffle plays only selected songs repeatedly. also i can't create more than 4 folders. is it with all players of this type or is mine defective? can i improve my shuffle somehow?
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    Chi Meson

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    Sony Walkman.


    For me, that's quite a nostalgic throwback. I remember my first Sony Walkman ca. 1984. It was barely larger than the cassette tape it played.

    Then there was the Diskman.

    So, they make MP3 players now? Who would have known.
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    such a lonely day, and it's mine.... the most loneliest day of my life.
    somebody help me with my player
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    Do you still have the receipt?
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    How do you mean exactly? Only the songs from one folder? Or only just a handful of songs and it seems to ignore the rest?

    Also note that some devices when you tell them to shuffle will start the randomization over if you skip songs, so it may wind up playing some of the same ones over due to this.

    So what exactly is it doing, how often has it done it, and what fixes have you tried?
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    ^ This.

    If you have the dough, get an ipod. Specifically the iPod Touch. You wont regret the purchase.

    I know that seems like a very rude thing to say, but I'm just offering my opinion on a great product that has satisfied me.

    If nothing, get an older model ipod nano. I had one (received it as a gift, which I later re-gifted to my uncle), and it worked superbly.
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    I'll second that. But look at a Zune HD instead of the Ipod Touch. More features and it is also cheaper then the same sized touch.
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    it plays only selected songs from what folder i am playing and ignores the rest. and no i'm not skipping songs. also, i had made 4 folders- metal, soft rock, classicrock&roll and grunge&post grunge. but as soon as i made a folder for folk/doommetal, whatever songs i copied into it also got copied into the grunge&postgrunge folder and all previous songs in it were deleted. also, at first the names of the files were in the form <artistname-songname>, so that all songs by same artist were clustered together. that wouldn't have been a problem if the shuffle mode worked properly. since it didn't, i changed the name format to <songname> so that alphabetically, all artists got distributed randomly and then switched to normal mode. but, that didn't work either. songs by same artists remain clustered together. how is space allocated in such players? it is pissing me off
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    I would recommend a Sansa player from SanDisk if you are on a budget. For fify dollars you can get a good MP3 player with 4gigs internal mem and a mini-SD slot for mem expansion. That means you could throw a 8 gig stick in if you want. They have excellent battery life, no software restrictions and most are USB. Mine also has an internal FM/AM radio. I love my Iphone, but it can't beat the size (mine is 3 inches) ease of use, you can make playlists, small easy to use screen some even will let you put color pictures on them (don't know why you would want to). Mine also can behave as a flash drive. I'm sorry but this thing pretty much kicks ***. IF you want to use aps get the touch/iphone if you want a compact music player check out the http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produ...TCH&Description=sansa+sandisk+clip&x=22&y=28"

    I got mine from BestBuy

    Sorry I'm not trying to make an add or something, but you should really check these out. I really like mine.
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    I bought an itouch 3g and am in love with it. Not for running though.
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    I second the ipod touch. If possible get one. It's the best MP3 player I've owned.
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    Seeing as how his original MP3 player only costs about $50, I doubt hes gonna go out and drop $300+ on an ipod touch. For that kind of money he mine as well buy something with a decent amp in it anyway.
  14. Oct 9, 2009 #13
    There are probably limitations on folders. Mine (Zen Stone) has a two deep limit though I am unsure about the actual number of folders. I had a similar issue with song names. I found though that when I changed the name through a player it did not actually change the file name. You changed the name of the file itself? I also had issues with certain file types not being recognized though I am pretty sure you would have figured that out if it were the case. You may also want to try formatting it and reinstalling the device software, making sure to follow manufacturer directions very closely of course.

    Other than that I am unsure what is going on. You may want to call a customer service line or send them an e-mail. Or if the thing is just a sucky little bugger you may aswell take it back and see about getting it exchanged for another product if you can. Tell them that you think it may be malfunctioning and that you are rather disappointed with the product quality and would like to try something else if possible.
  15. Oct 9, 2009 #14
    I second the Zune HD as a replacement player. The inexpensive MP3 players will always have very light options. The Zune HD currently has the most useful features: onboard FM and HD radio, HD video out, wireless syncing, sharing and purchasing (no more digging for or untangling that USB cable and being glued to a computer), and much more, including shuffling by several properties and adding to a shuffled playlist on-the-fly.
    The Zune Pass is also a great way to find new music, as it lets you listen to an unlimited amount of full songs per month for about the cost of a CD, not just unrepresentative preview clips.
  16. Oct 10, 2009 #15
    As already noted, the OP's player costs approximately $50. A Zune costs about $200. Personally I am not in the habit of buying a product of a certain price range when I am capable and willing to spend four times as much. ;-)

    As an alternative, the Zen Stone which I have is actually slightly less expensive than the nwz-b142f though it may have fewer features. Its quite small and only charges via usb but charges rather quickly. I think it only lasts about 6 hours on a charge but have never actually used it for very long at a time and the power dies over time when not in use though it seems to hold a charge for days when not in use. It has an FM receiver and even a mic for recording. I was rather impressed it had so much in it for being so darn tiny. It seems to have a shuffle feature though I have never used it. It apparently has no limit on folders but goes only three deep. I'll load it up with music and play it on the way home from work in the morning to let you know how the shuffle works. I usually use it with a cassette adapter for my car stereo. It also seems to have different types of shuffle. 'Shuffle Once', 'Shuffle Repeat', and 'Shuffle Folder'.

    There are probably better products out there but this is the only one I have direct experience with and it seems to work just fine so long as you are just looking to play music.
  17. Oct 10, 2009 #16
    i too have a sony mp3 player around here somewhere. i hate it. never want to see another sony product ever again.
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