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My Newest Music Guilty Pleasure

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    I can't help it. DNCE's single "Cake by the Ocean" is just way to catchy for me to ignore.

    When first heard it, not only was I moving to the music, but I kept wanting to figure out what "cake by the ocean" meant. To me, it was as cryptic (nonsensical?) as Jimmy Webb's "left my cake out in the rain" in MacArthur's Park.

    Turns out, Joe Jonas had a hilarious explanation for it. His Swedish producer kept mis-translating "sex on the beach" into "cake by the ocean"! So they kept it!! :)

    Now I love the tune even more! :)

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    I feel that way about the "Uncle Walter Waltzing with Bears" song:

    UPDATE: Just saw Cake by the Ocean and we are definitely living different centuries. :-)
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    I confess that the upper half of my hearing is gone but I find myself repeatedly going back to this. Not so much guilty as odd for me given my tastes.
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