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My opinion

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    I think the people that delete the posts are a bit harsh...
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    My opinion.

    There is a reason why this forum is one, if not the, most productive science communities on the internet with members who range from students to experts in their field. This forum must be doing something right.
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    I agree in that aspect but I did'nt get a warning in my aspect...
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    I just deleted another of your posts.

    They are simply to general to answer. You need to get specific. If you do not have a specific question, then do some searchs (Google, wiki, these forums) on your general topic. (ie waves) If you want a web page on waves then do some searching. Once you have found the general information, learn what you can, come back here with some pointed questions. The more specific your question the better answers you will get.
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    ok i'm sorry I need to get the hang of this...
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    If you have a question like "what is <blah>?" or "does <blah1> do <blah2>?", first try entering the same question into Google. It is impolite to ask questions that can very easily be looked up.
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