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My optics class final project

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    I need some advice for where to start my project which is about Photonics band gaps. I need to write a 10 pages paper on this subject. I am sure I will be asked alot about the subject which wont even be in my paper so I need to learn about it as much as I can. But,unfortunatelly I dont know much about Photonics. Do you know any good webpages that gives information about this ?

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    Personally I'd start in the library and find a good textbook with some background about photonics in it then perhaps a couple of recent papers on the subject. Its important you get a grounding even if it is the most basic in the subject area first from an introductory text. It is also important for the project since you'll have to show usually in the opening sections what the physical overview of the subject is.

    The internet sources are perhaps best for seeing where recent research is heading in that particular field and I wouldn't use it for any more research than that.
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