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My Parents Were Awesome

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    We've had threads here of pix showing the "old days".

    This site is where you can post pix of your parents when they were young.

    http://myparentswereawesome.tumblr.com/" [Broken]

    (Borek, you should tell Junior about this site...the wedding pic of you and Marzena would be a great addition :smile:!)
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    Junior doesn't like online communities. Or at least he pretends to.
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    That's how I used to be until my family showed me to this site. Guess you just gotta find your "peeps".
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    That's cool. I don't have pics of my parents together when they were younger. My mom still has those. I do have a copy of a picture from my grandparents' wedding, and they were absolutely adorable (though, my grandmother looked very nervous in the picture). My grandmother's wedding dress was a flapper style dress...so cool!
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