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My Patent and Project Discussion

  1. Jan 29, 2004 #1
    I want to begin discussion with people that
    have a good understanding of Laser Technology and
    Computer Technology.

    There is a Product I want to invent and to me
    it will be a revolution. I want to discuss if
    it seems possible to you as it is to me,
    and offer to share Patent Technology,
    and I will find investors or in the Future
    I will fund to build it myself.

    If you interested so far, write me an Email
    and just tell me a little about yourself,
    and I will discuss with you what I think is
    Doable.. Perhaps we will all agree and
    start designing and discussing the aspects.

    I will of course own a great percentage of
    the Device, but.. it's something that will
    get built if we really think it can be done.

    Best Regards
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