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My pet

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    My landlord will not allow me to have a dog, so i was thinking may be a parrot or an iguana, whats your thoughts, i am in most days.
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    Is it a matter of noise bothering neighbors? If so, a parrot would probably not be a good idea. Even the little ones (I had a blue-crowned conure) can be incredibly loud.
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    How about a cat?
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    Iguanas can get pretty big. We have a blue tongued skink that will max out at about two feet. Not as scary as an iguana, but still can frighten small childen and maids, if that's what you're looking for...
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    Are parrots and iguanas the only pets you are considering?

    My sister-in-law had a green conure, and it was by far very loud, though it was entertaining when it would call the dog's name. The dog would get up, walk over to the room where the bird was, look around, come back and sit, then the conure would call it again.

    I've had several rats as pets, they are normally quite friendly and seldom noisy.
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    They play, they don't poop in your house, they are clean, they don't smell (any worse than a cat would at least), you can teach them things, they will cuddle with you, they have a personality, and are generally awesome (and quiet except for the occasional funny noise).

    If you can't have a dog or cat, the ferret is the way to go. Birds get annoying real fast, and your neighbors will hate you. Iguanas don't really "do" a whole lot, much like the other pets that I group into that same genre, (fish, reptiles, amphibians, and small rodents without the capacity for learning).
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    While I personally have not owned a ferret, I have several friends who have.

    Two big counts against them:
    1] They are indeed quite smelly.
    2] They loooove to burrow. They will make short work of anything except solid concrete.
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    Well, you have to ferret-proof your home. That includes making sure there are no holes in the wall/cabinets, and you cover up that foam liner that's under some sofas. Mine never attempted to damage anything. After about a year or so I was comfortable with leaving his cage open while I was home. I would have left it open when I left for work but who knows, he might have darted out and got scared or something when I opened the door. They tend to be uh, a little wound-up when startled.

    If you bathe them too often, they smell bad. Most people bathe them too much. Mine never smelled worse than a cat.
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    What about rabbits? They look like sly bastards, the way they always look like they've always got something in their mouths but they're cute little fellas. I still feel a little sad when I think of my first rabbit, who got eaten my neighbour's dog, who could quite easily climb into our yard at the time.
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    If you have a disability, get a service dog. They bypass many of the restrictions which fetter regular dogs.
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    well I always love to have dogs as pet have my own house so landlord is not a problem
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