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My philosophy

  1. Dec 16, 2003 #1
    So, here's my philosohpies, or at least a bunch of stuff i sorta semi believe in. Figure i'll say it all now, since i'm done here anyways.

    Creation of the universe:

    there was the universe. As we know it now. but, technically it was nothing. There was no time, and therefore no space. But then, something changed. like something moved or something... some energy was changed in some way, and that made the universe different, and that created time and space as we know them. There's no point in thinking about what was before all this, cause it was nothing, and there was this period of nothingness for no time at all. space and time and all that we know, were only existent after that first change, so there's no point in talking about what was before it. It was just nothing.

    God: Yep there's a god. Nope its not a person or a thing or an anything. God is just energy. What causes everything to happen? energy... that simple really. Whether there's omniscence or anything like that... sure... collectively... energy fuels us... and we're all conscious, and if you pust everything all together... yeah there's something greater than us all.
    ... i dunno if i got that across right... but it works for me...

    meaning of life: No clue... who cares? why does there have to be meaning? whats the meaning of anything?

    couple other things i feel like saying...

    People suck... especially when you get to know them. Its much easier to love a stranger.

    Thinking too much is a bad thing. Ignorance is bliss. What good is it to be unhappy?

    And yeah, so i think i'm done. bye all.
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    So, your leaving the PFs?

    Each of these philosophies could be a thread on its own, and could start some very interesting conversations...why don't you stick around a little longer and discuss some of these philosophies?
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    You're lucky I'm not standing in person right next to you, cause if I was, you would be getting a "wake-up" punch in the nose.

    You're right people suck, no one's perfect. The more you know you know a person the more you know their faults. But you also know more of that spark that lies that lies in the worst of us.

    Remember, "The glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time you fall."
    People can choose to lie in the mud or shoot for the stars. But remember that lying in the mud will only get you stepped on.

    Ignorance is bliss, eh?
    Makes me wonder....

    EDIT: Don't take the punching thing seriously.
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    OK Abby(I can call you that now:smile: ya mean people suck, nice ones..errr..nm

    Point is, you take the good, and take the bad

    You take them both and there you have- the facts of life.

    stop being such a drama queen and start another one of your famous "sex" posts
  6. Dec 17, 2003 #5
    what about the ugly?
  7. Dec 18, 2003 #6
    it would ruin the song:wink:
  8. Dec 20, 2003 #7
    First and foremost, my Philosophy is that of Materialism. Yep, I'm an Evil Materialist and an Evil Atheist.

    Search http://madsci.wustl.edu/MS_search.html for all your questions about everything scientific.

    Here are a few things that might be worth reading from MAD.SCI:

    I recommend searching for information on Special and General Relativity, the Big Bang, Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD), and lots of other neat scientifical stuff.

    Additional information that will help you understand Relativity:
    What is the theory of relativity and how does it help us
    Why must time be related to space

    My personal opinion, I think the best description (in Laymen's terms) for the "cause" of the Big Bang was described on this JREF Messageboard thread:

    While I would say energy exists, I dont think its very accurate to define God(s) as being energy (dont use them as synonyms, it'll cause confusion).

    Personally, I dont believe in god(s). I could drone on and on for days and days and days of why I dont believe... but I think it can be summed up shortly like this:
    All things that exist can be described in terms of matter and natural phenomena, nothing can behave outside the scope of "Natural Law" (for lack of better words...), anything that fails to meet those 2 criteria cannot and does not exist. God is described as being immaterial and/or possessing traits that allow him to behave outside of the Laws of Physics, therefore he cannot and does not exist.

    In my opinion, science explains how things work, it does nothing to explain their meaning (Note: That is not a flaw in science, its just a flaw in humans always asking "why"). "Meaning" is subjective, it can be different for just about everyone.

    My personal meaning of life looks like a series of questionmarks...
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  9. Dec 20, 2003 #8
    Life is life and nothing more.
    this is this and nothing more.
    we are what we are and nothing more.
    also all that is nothing more is also nothing less.
    Sometimes thinking this sucks because in someways we don't just want to be another grain in the sand.
    but i guess if you see things as it is we are all equal which isn't too bad. seeing how all bad is equal to good would make pleasure equal to pain. with our thoughts we can't help but interpet that as meaningless or worthlessness. like nothing matters. Might not relate to Gale's post but i just thought i'd spill out my thoughts too. Nice knowing ya Gale, i respect your thoughts from the post i've read since i joined, much of your philosphy is agreeable with mine. But then again i find a way to agree with almost any ones.
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