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My physics

  1. Jul 26, 2005 #1
    hey all, these are going to be my first year physics courses at univ. i was just wondering what you all thought of them! Im majoring in EE and not the greatest fan of physics but these 3 courses are mandatory and i understand why, i was just looking for you input! thanks a bunch. :smile:

    PCS 125 Physics I

    Forces, fields and potentials for gravitational, electrical and magnetic systems. Oscillations, sound, electromagnetic waves. Geometric and wave optics. Quantization of radiation. (formerly PCS 123).

    Lect: 3 hrs./Lab: 1 hr.

    PCS 211 Physics II - Mechanics

    Newton’s laws, reaction forces, free body diagrams, friction, equilibrium of rigid bodies, torque, centre of gravity, linear and rotational kinematics and dynamics, conservation of linear and angular momentum and energy, moment of inertia, work and power, collisions.

    Lect: 4 hrs./Lab: 1 hr.
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    PCS 224 Solid State Physics

    Quantum mechanics and quantum nature of solids, properties of materials. Band theory in metals and semiconductors. Conduction processes, the p-n junction, transistors and other solid state devices.

    Lect: 3 hrs./Lab: 1 hr.
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    Looks pretty much like the introductory 3 course set, except the order might be a little backwards: the usual order is Mechanics, then E&M and finally Wave Phenomena, or some variation of that. Looks like you are basically covering it all though.

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    well, since the classes are...mandatory, looks like it doesn't matter what we think! :tongue:

    kinda strange how they numbered their two intro courses: usually newtonian mechanics is the first physics course!

    also looks like they crammed in fields and waves in the same course--some but not all schools keep them separate. (university of florida has two intro courses, newtonian mech and electricity and magnetism/optics.)

    a bit strange how your first course has quantization of radiation in there, but i guess it makes sense to make a transition into a modern physics course.

    and are there any prereqs for that solid state course?

    i'm jealous--our intro to solid state class is 5000 (grad) level -- (although i plan on taking it anyway if it's offered during the right semester... :devil: )
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