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My planned project for ISEF

  1. Jul 1, 2014 #1
    Hey PF,
    I want to precipitate ISEF (The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair) this year, there's an idea that came up in my mind during studying MagLev trains in physics, since high speeds are achieved in MagLev trains due to the elimination of friction, what if air pressure was also eliminated by placing the train in an air evacuated tube, I think this will allow the train to achieve ultimate speeds without much energy.
    The advantages of these trains that it is super fast, safe, and relatively cheap, it could replace commercial planes one day. It's just an idea right now, I'm still gong to work hard on it if it's worth it. I'm going to explain the exact physics of this train and the engineering of its tubes, and the economics of its infrastructure, and how it could save a lot of money and time. I'm looking forward to winning a placing in ISEF this year so I could apply to a top university.
    I need your opinions guys, do you have ideas to make this project distinctive, could it win the best of the "Energy and Transportation" category? and what is my actual chance of winning a placing in ISEF, and how can I increase my chance ? :smile:
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