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News My politics and world affairs threads going off-topic theory.

  1. Sep 6, 2005 #1
    my "politics and world affairs threads going off-topic" theory.

    All threads will degenerate, by order of priority, through several off-topic discussions arguments ending with a Communism vs. Capitalism argument. Any thread that does not fully complete this sequence will be because of locking or death. Any argument that remains on the off-topic (off, not on topic - important) discussion of Capitalism vs. Communism will be locked or killed within 7 days. A thread where the topic is Capitalism vs. Communism will degenerate in the opposite direction of priority and then degrade back to the topic repeatedly (like it'll bounce up and down) untill death or locking.

    The priority I'm still working out, but it ends something like this:
    -Balance of power
    -Iraq war
    -US corruption/benevolence
    -Capitalism vs Communism
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    Nah, I think the digression into discussing the Iraq war usually occurs prior to any discussion of balance of power. In fact, balance of power is vague enough that I'm not even entirely sure what you mean by that. It sounds like a part of all those topics.
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    Balanace of power? Cant everything be reduced to that general term?
    Where are all these capi vs. commi threads i hear about :D. The one thing i dislike about communists is that they cant agree as to what exactly communism is and if it has or hasnt been used in recent history. I remember some guy thinking Canada's government was a communist government.
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    I think that the Capitalism vs Communism arguement happens here so much because Alexandria tends to trace everything back to it. Not knocking her for it, it makes sense considering her perspective.
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    What is her perspective.
  7. Sep 7, 2005 #6
    Marxist... duh
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    So, what.... if you are a Marxist, any and all problems come down to capitalism vs. communism? So my toilet clogging is Bill Gates' fault?
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    designed to fail so you are forced to buy plunger xp - plummers edition. :biggrin:
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    It also surfaces often since the implementations & degrees of capitalism differ quite a bit. Compare for example US to many parts of Europe, and considering the magnitude of the societal differences (between these 2 for one) not surprised it staying afloat.
  11. Sep 7, 2005 #10
    Yeah. Marxism is based on the ideas of class warfare and on revolution from capitalism. No offence, but your toilet clogging is hardly a political problem, let alone one to warrant attention from the vastly surperior marxists.
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