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  1. Nov 22, 2005 #1

    and....tell me exactly when i said that this had anything to do with a propetual motion generator? tell me...please, i'd love to hear it.

    you know, i've discovered one major thing about this site and its moderators, it's all about control. even the "rules" asy so. it says, and i quote,

    yea, it's all about if the moderators like it or not. it's not about if it's good information, it's about if they like it. russ just didn't like what i posted and closed it for that reason alone...no where in my thread did i mention anyhting about a propetual motion generator.

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    cd27, while the power we have is necessarily pretty broad, we have to have a pretty good reason to close/delete a thread. It isn't arbitrary, and we tend to discuss problem threads as a group.

    I think I explained relatively clearly why your thread does not meet the standards of this forum.
  4. Nov 22, 2005 #3
    no, you did not...here, this is EXACTLY what you said:

    and here is what i said in my initial post:

    i want you to highlight ANYWHERE in that entire post where i mentioned anything even remotely near a proptetual motion generator? jsut do it, i want you to. i know you can't, b/c i didn't. you closed taht thread because YOU didn't like it. there is no other reason for it. you call this a "Physics Help and Math Help Forum"....what a crock.

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    It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure out what you are getting at. You can walk right down the list of questions in the two threads and see that they are almost identical.
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    and? what's it matter? even IF they were the same thing....i'm asking simple questions. i don't have the materials to look this up on my own and am making an effort. i should have to mention the word HELP in every little thing to actually get some! i refer back to my previous post.

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    1.) They're not simple questions.

    2.) Help is one thing, asking people for every technical piece of information so you can just try to put it together and flip a switch is completely different. You don't want help. You want someone to spoon feed you all of the answers.

    Also, say, for example, someone were to tell you, or you figured out, just how much power it would take to levitate a steel sphere with a 4 inch diameter. Where are you going to get that kind of power? Do you think you'd be able to plug into one of your home's 110 outlets? That's only step 1. I really think you have no clue as to what you are asking. You already stated that you have no money and no talent to do this. Forget the theory for a second and think about practicality. How are you going to build any of this contraption? You can't afford any of the components and you don't have the ability to assemble it.

    I think you would make great strides in your quest here if you simply took the time to explain why your version of perpetual motion is viable.
  8. Nov 22, 2005 #7
    seeing as how everyone likes to close my posts, i would assume that the answers are simple.

    who said they would "feed" me the answers? no one, well, you did. this is very small compared to what work i personally have to do to put it alltogether. i only asked the questions i needed help on.

    uh...NO...duh. getting this power is no problem for me, i just need to kow how much.

    i know enough to be able to ask questions to put somehting together.

    what theory? i never mentioned any theory here.

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    The following is a direct cut/paste quote from the thread that Fred linked to: this is actually a propetual motion generator,
    He's also correct that your questions are not easy. Some of them, in fact, are incomprehensible.
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    The questions are not simple, they are unanswerable because they are simply too outrageous. How could anyone even begin to answer your first question without all of the design details of your system? You then seem to think all the remaining design details will fall into place based on the answer to the first question, without any idea of what or how you actually plan to design it.

    Beyond that, when a thread is closed or deleted, that does not mean start another thread on the same topic. The reasons we closed it the first time are the reasons we'll close it again.

    If you don't like the rules here, you're more than welcome to find a different forum to post your questions.
  11. Nov 23, 2005 #10
    i'll just say this:

    for a site which proclaims help in both physics and math, it's just a load of bull. it's false, how have i received ANY help here AT ALL??? explain that to me? the link that guy posted didn't even have anything to do with my post. not a thing. i'm surprised this site has even gotten this far. just a bunch of power hungry imbisils here. go ahead and delete my freaking account, i don't want to be in a crap hole like this. these are rules, these are just ways to tick people off...and you've accomplished your task.

  12. Nov 23, 2005 #11


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    Gee... we'll miss you... :rolleyes:
  13. Nov 23, 2005 #12

    Tom Mattson

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    cd27, if you want to dispute any specific action taken by a moderator then you should contact that moderator privately. This is stated in the guidelines which you agreed to. If you start one more thread in the Feedback section regarding a locked thread then you will receive a formal warning. And if you try to resurrect the thread on the perpetual motion machine again, under any guise, then you will also receive a formal warning.
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