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My posts keep getting deleted

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    First, I wrote about wanting to become a Noble Prize-winning theoretical physicist, and asked which books are best to achieve this goal. The post was deleted and I received a warning from Evo stating that no crackpot posts are allowed. Okay, fine, I won't write about any of my wild dreams. Next, I made another post asking what are your (the people in Academic Guidance forum) favourite physics or math books, and asked that they give an explanation why. Again, the post was deleted.

    Why was the second post deleted? (I didn't receive an explanation or anything)

    Thank you for your time.

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    Simon Bridge

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    Evo is generally pretty good - if you are having trouble understanding why your posts keep getting deleted have another look through the rules.
    ... I would guess that the second thread got deleted because it looked like a way to sneak the first one in by the back door.

    It may be that PF is not the place for the kinds of things you want to discuss.
    You could try being more main-stream while you get used to the place - like: ask some physics questions? There are plenty of threads about which text books are good for what.
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    The second thread was deleted in relation to the other one. Furthermore, considering that we have a huge section on physics and mathematics texts in the Science Textbook Discussion forum, it became redundant.

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    I found the STD forum, thanks. You saved me a lot of grief because I probably would have posted the same question in Academic Guidance, only to be banned. I must admit, I didn't see it at first due to my need of eyeglasses.

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    I sent you a zero point "General Information" notice to advise you that your post was deleted. Asking for books so you can self learn is fine, your post was not. I didn't see a second post from you, that was deleted by another mentor.

    You're being overly melodramatic about a ban over a simple notice. If you are serious about learning then you need to post as if you are serious. Planning to be a self taught Nobel Prize winner is fine and dandy but being flippant and coupled with posting things like
    Does not make anyone take you seriously. You came across as someone posting as a joke.

    This forum has many incredible, knowledgeable, helpful people, and if you come across as someone with a serious desire to learn, you will have a golden opportunity to be helped.
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