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Studying My problem in studying physics

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    I am from India,I am 23 yrs old,I did well in Physics and Math in my high school and I passed out with decent grades from my High School.After passing from my high school I took admission in a college for BSc(Physics Major) and to tell you the truth I got my admission there quite easily bcoz of my marks in physics.But my bad luck struck me after that,after taking a few classes I fell sick severly and had to drop out of college (yes in India if u fail to attain college for some month your name is struck out of register).After this incident when I recovered somewhat I took a job and did it for a year,then again I contacted the college (by this time it has been 2yrs since I passed out of high school),the college rudely informed me that “When a High School passed out student drops out of college for 2yrs he is denied admission in college”.
    Thus my dream of becoming a physicist crushed down.Now what I am thinking is about taking a Distance Education Course to complete my BSc(physics),do you people know of any?I have always been passionate about physics.
    In India Physicist does not have much oppurtinity,what about western nations ?In India only software engineers are cared.
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    Hello dear Indian friend,

    My advice is to try and apply to another college. Even if it means you have to go to another state. You are not that old to pursue Physics as your career. Don't be discouraged by what other people or official written replies say. Your destiny will find its way. If it was meant to be that you are involved in Physics, it will happen. But, even if you end up selling potatoes on the local green market, know that there is no shame in that and that all of us are followers of our own destiny.
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    Hey there

    I'm from Canada and studying in my bachelors of electrical engineering and from my understanding even in the western nations a physics major doesn't really go anywhere. My buddies girl friend just got her physics major and the only jobs that seem to be around are making 12-15$ a hour doing research in a lab, not to say that the opportunity is not there but it definatley takes lots of time and commiment if you want to major in physics, try engineering, its grrreat :)
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    Actually I have a job as a clerk in an office,what I am thinking is how about doing a BSc(Physics) via online or correspondence course from Canada,USA or some European countries.Do u people know of any such course?
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    I have no idea if the Open University in the UK accepts international students, and I don't know about the quality of the school. But it is an online school, so maybe you could take a look.

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    OK, then how about visiting Canada,UK or other European countries and getting enrolled in colleges there for studying physics?Are there any such colleges?
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