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My problem with math

  1. Dec 19, 2015 #1
    I'm so intersted in math and i really love it, and i invented some new methods and i am about to show them for some mathematicians in the US. But the problem i faced is when i started precalculus, i understood everything in the class but when it comes to exam and sometimes homework i make some very silly mistakes. and sometimes choose to answer the question in a hard way while it only works with the simper way.
    so what is the problem with my way of thinking? and how can i fix it?
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    I have that same problem but it has reduced greatly after I started to do a lot of practice questions. I know that doesn't sound fun but the problems help your mind become more flexible, you'd be able to see the easier way. Doing this also helps reinforce some concepts you're uncomfortable with, processes you simply don't like doing(you may not even know you have those) .Another thing that helps is simply taking time to look at the question and go over how you'd do it in your head, you'd normally need very little time to actually do the question once the method is clear in your head. assessing it properly will let you see the shortcuts. Good luck and i hope this helps cause it is definitely working for me.
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    More practice problems, and referring again to the instruction in the textbook, gives you more experience and increases your knowledge. More practice problems, sometimes beyond the semester of the course, gives you more experience to count on so you can figure out the problems more easily. This usually will not come overnight - sometimes will not even come during the semester you take your course.
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    Thank you so much i glad that it does not mean i am just stupid XD
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