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News My Rainbow Race against Breivik

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    "My Rainbow Race" against Breivik

    Breivik used as an example of what he regarded as insidious Marxist indoctrination in Norwegian schools that children were "forced" to learn (the Norwegian version of) Pete Seeger's "My Rainbow Race" in order to become brainless multiculturalists. (The Norwegian version, eminently, but rather freely, translated song is called "Children of the Rainbow)

    His claim is, of course, totally untrue.

    A Facebook-group formed, and called for a joint singing of "My Rainbow Race" in order to "take it back from Breivik", and our national icon and trobadour, Lillebjørn Nilsen (who made the song into Norwegian) willingly made his appearance yesterday at the Youngstorget (a central plaza right below the bombed Government building).
    40.000 Norwegians joined him at Youngstorget, with roses in their hands, and Lillebjørn could tell that on Wednesday, he had called Pete Seeger himself, who was deeply moved that his song would be used as a dignified protest against Breivik's hateful ideas.
    Here is a CNN article on the event:

    Here is a video recording:

    (The government building is behind the photographer)
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