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My Review of Elements of Engineering Electromagnetics by Rao

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    My Review of "Elements of Engineering Electromagnetics" by Rao

    I have been using this book in my undergraduate E&M class now for 5 weeks and I must say, this book is horrible, absolutely horrible. Why we are using it for a Physics E&M class is one question, but why the book cannot seem to get any concept across in a clear and concise manner is a much more important one. As an example, this book takes six pages to derive the differential form of Faraday's Law from the integral form, instead of deriving it in three lines using Stoke's Theorem. The language the book uses is also incomprehensible, I find myself having to reread sections of the text upwards of three times in order to understand its explanations of even the most fundamental concepts.

    Also, this is not the ranting of a disgruntled student with a bad grade. I believe I got an A on my first exam, but only because I taught myself the material out of the corresponding sections in the Griffith's book before the exam.

    Educators, please think twice before using this book.
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