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My room has carpet

  1. Mar 22, 2004 #1
    My room has carpet!!!

    I just cleaned my room awhile ago, and I found the weirdest thing: There's carpet in my room! How on earth did that get there?!

    Anyone else had this weird experience (jimmy p perhaps?)
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    My daughter tends to let things stay where ever they fall. Cleaning her room is like an archaeological dig because of the amazing relics that can be found digging down through the layers of debris.
  4. Mar 22, 2004 #3
    oh yeah! lol ! me too!

    I was cleaning up my room the other day, and lo and behold, there under my bed was a stationary set!! I really don't know where it came from though. Another time, I found a movie that I'd never thought I had...now I believe it "ran away" (I wonder who was responsible for that! ((rhetorical)))
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    Yeah, but that doesnt begin to compare with the time I found the Lost City of Atlantis under my bed.

    I sit at my desk sometimes to do homework, and i just throw the scratch paper behind me. I usually decide to clean the room after a few weeks of the annoying sound my swivel chair make when it rolls through crumpled paper. And when none of my socks are clean because they've been thrown under my bed and havent made it to the laundry.
  6. Mar 22, 2004 #5
    I'm glad I'm not alone! Like evo said, a messy room can be the equivelant of an arecheaological dig!

    You know what's crazy? I can't find my microscope! how do you loose something like that? Better go on a dig...

    but you know, a I was onece told that scientists discovered that a messy desk or environment is a sign of an organized brain.
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    jimmy p

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    Re: My room has carpet!!!

    I have heard of this "carpet" myth, but it's just old wives tales IMO. Last time i looked under my bed, a new civilization had formed and was worshipping one of my socks.

    My room is an ORGANISED MESS. I know where everything is. On the floor. simple stuff!!
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    You guys are nothing! My friend has lost like six N64 and some GameCube games too ( that was when N64s were good). How do you lose stuff like that. You don't need to take it anywher, ot should just be by the TV. It's insanity.

    And my friend does not have an organized brain!
  9. Mar 23, 2004 #8
    Damn, most of that stuff would give my dad a heart attack.

    One of my friends described my room as " a jail cell".

    It's Spartan, and that's the way I like it
  10. Mar 23, 2004 #9
    I feel your pain. When my parents say I should clean my room because there's stuff everywhere, I complain that everything in there has an exact position that can be easily defined.
    What is the deal?!?!?!
  11. Mar 23, 2004 #10
    After a long decade as a nomad, I have finally unpacked my stuff...you wouldn't believe the crap I've been toting around for the last 10 years!! I found homework I was suppsed to turn in in 11th grade!
  12. Mar 23, 2004 #11
    Thats classic, zero. Did you find anything green and pulsating?

    That makes the papers from first quarter found in my room like kid stuff.
  13. Mar 23, 2004 #12
    My room has two main routes: The one to my bed, and the other to my closet. Both routes wind around in an s-curve pattern. Makes for some interesting aesthetics.

    Im way too cluttered for my own good.
  14. Mar 23, 2004 #13
    No, the green stuff apparently evolved legs and walked off...

    You just don't know how much crap I had in boxes, moving from my parents house to the dorms, to an apartment, back into my parent's house, into a couple of different barracks rooms, back into my parent's house, another long string of condos and apartments, once more back to my parent's house, and finally into my own house. G.I. Joes, computer games from 1991, strange bits of guitars, all sorts of crap.
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    I know a fellow who tells some funny stories about his old college roommate. Supposedly the guy would just spit the hulls from his sunflower seeds onto the floor. Lifting books and papers up from stacks strewn about the room, one was likely to find moldy slices of pizza. Fast-food bags and paper drinking cups permanently covered the floorboards of his car.
  16. Mar 23, 2004 #15
    Wow, I am like a clean freak compared to the rest of you. I better get my parents to read this thread; they ALWAYS refer to my room as The Pig Sty. But the only messy thing about my room is the overflow of books from my bookshelves. Just don't have enough space in my room. :frown:

    For me, flipping through my books is like an archaeological dig, because of the amount of paper that have amassed inside. I like folding my papers and keeping them in a book so that they remain flat. The obvious drawback is that I lose track of where my papers are. Just the other day I found a piece of homework I was supposed to hand in two years ago!
  17. Mar 23, 2004 #16


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    Yeah, I'm pretty bad about about jotting stuff down on scrap paper (such as the blank backs of printed sheets of this or that). The newest papers are at the top. If I have to really dig down deep for something old, I find myself muttering, "Permian... Pennsylvanian... Mississipian..."
  18. Mar 24, 2004 #17

    jimmy p

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    my parents affectionately name my room The Black Hole, because "everything ends up in there". Im insulted, i would rather have The Pig Sty!
  19. Mar 24, 2004 #18


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    You know, a layer of evenly grown mold could be mistaken for a carpet.

  20. Mar 24, 2004 #19


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    I was just going to ask how sure he was it is indeed a carpet
  21. Mar 24, 2004 #20
    And I thought the carpet moving when I stared at it was just an illusion.

    Some people say, "clothes don't just grow legs and walk away." They obviously haven't seen my old socks. ('cept for now the room's clean)
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