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My school sucks

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    Particularly the bathrooms. When I'm able to get in one (they're locked most of the time:surprised :surprised )

    so, the floor is brilliantly decorated with toilet paper, the toilets are crappy, the soap dispensers hardly work:yuck: and I'm licky if 2 faucets work on the sink.

    The bathroom has 4 walls, yet at the top of one, there's some of those blocks that are wavy and you can't see through them. actually, about 2 of those blocks, because most of them are gone.

    Then there's the graffiti, some of them are some brilliantly written poems:
    I sometimes come here to think and sit...
    But mostly just to stink and s**t
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    Classic!!! :approve:
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    That's the shiznat biatch.

    But just like a country, the quality of the people tends to reflect the quality of what they have.
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    I really hope that's not true....:grumpy:
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    Even wall-ed rooms annoy me too! :tongue2:
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    Dude, the restrooms at my high school didn't even have doors on the stalls. They passed a frickin' $3 billion county bond measure to rebuild all of the schools and started renovating the year after I graduated. Well, at least my little sister now goes to a pretty nice school.
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