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My Seed Theory

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    My Seed Theory?

    Please help....

    This is what I came up with on my own and I was wondering if there is already a thought process or theory on this.

    Singularities formed by black holes are the "seeds" for new universes. The matter needed for new universes is created from the matter collected by black holes which wind up as part of that particular black hole's singularity. This would mean that there could be 100 billion universes created by our universe alone. The key here, is to find out what triggers the "big bang" of a singularity of a black hole. Maybe it is weight and some form of inter-dimensional gravity, sort of like when an apple grows on a tree and falls once it is to heavy. Galaxies are the soil that feed the black holes, that creates the singularity (seed) for new universes. The expansion of our universe could be the force of other universes up against it, much like a water droplet that gets stretched and contorted as it moves past barriers. Each universe could have its own unique chemistry, based on the amounts of H,He etc which would give its membrane a different density preventing one universe from entering or merging with another.

    Does a theory like this already exist?
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    Okay now stay with me here, because I'm a moron who is trying to explain something that is obviously way over my head.
    Let's look at what's going on the singularity side of the black hole. What would trigger an explosion? Maybe, it's not even really an explosion in the sense that we think. What would give a new universe room for expansion in an already crowded area presumably taken up by other universes?
    Maybe, just maybe, as a singularity forms and grows, it has an opposite affect than gravity, maybe due to something else like magnetism. All of a sudden a void or vacuum is created around the singularity as it grows-pushing out from all points around it. Beyond, the void, other universes gravity might create some sort of tidal pull on the singularity causing it to heat up. The bigger the void, the more universes border and add to the tidal pull, the more the singularity heats up until bang, the contents of the singularity spill out to fill the vacuum thus cooling as it travels away from the point of origin. This becomes a new universe. On the other side, back at the black hole, it either evaporates or hibernates.

    Is there anything out there that supports this or is similar?
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    Welcome to Physics Forums, JBash!

    Ideas of this general kind have been around for quite a while, probably ever since 'the singularity' at the heart of a black hole was first conceived.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiverse" [Broken] is a webpage with some classifications, and a great many links to follow.

    Note that, AFAIK, none of these ideas and theories has progressed to the point of being capable of being tested, observationally or in our labs (quite a few have been developed, as in the math laid out and explored).

    Note also that 'singularity' is a kind of placeholder for 'the math of our theory doesn't work here', or 'this is terra igcognita'.

    PS: Please don't create multiple threads for the same topic.
    PS2: Physics Forums is not a place to sketch non-mainstream ideas; if you've developed them to the point of wanting a 'stress test', then submit a paper to our https://www.physicsforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=146" section.
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