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My shot at monism

  1. Nov 27, 2004 #1
    Proposition 1: All knowledge originates form reasoning.

    Proposition 2: All knowledge is discursive knowledge.

    Proposition 3: Deductive reasoning is an extenstion of inductive reasoning.

    Proposition 4: Inductive reasoning comes from experience.

    Proposition 5: Experience is aquired through the senses.

    Proposition 6: The senses are directly linked to our environment for our senses could not actively sense without a passive and external object being sensed.

    Proposition 7: Reasonning leads to the acquisition of discursive knowledge which divides objects so that they may be intelligible.

    Proposition 8: By dividing objects to comprehend them, we must forcibly define an object as the combination of numerous other objects also defined by this same process. A paradox arises.

    Proposition 9: Nothing can be truly understood through discursive knowledge.
    Proposition 10: Since discursive knowledge comes from experience, our environment cannot be understood through division.

    Proposition 11: Our environment cannot be divided.

    Proposition 12: Our environment must exist.

    Proposition 13: Our environment is one.
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