My sip is too small!

  1. I purchased a couple HMC1001 SIPs for a project I am working on and when they came was unpleasantly surprised that the pin spacing is too small to fit in a breadboard. Since I'm not ready to mount one in a PCB yet does anyone know of breakout board that fit this size IC. To give a sizing estimate the outer edge of two pins is approximately the same size as one hole on a breadboard.
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    I use the Twin Industries 8100-SMT4 prototyping board to adapt from 0.050" centers to 0.1" centers:

    Twin Industries also has other prototyping boards that can adapt from smaller pitches:

    There is also a line of SMT adapter boardlets that I use sometimes, called "Surfboards"

    You can follow the manufacturer link to get more info on the various surfboard adapters that are available.
  4. thanks for your help berkeman. I'm not sure what I'd do without your extremely timely responses!
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    Glad to help. I've had to use Surfboards many times to adapt small parts for prototype use.
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    It isn't pretty, but in a pinch, soldering thin solid core wires (22 or 24 gauge) to leads is possible, assuming they're not too closely spaced.
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