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My Start in Physics

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    I am a freshman at Georgia Tech majoring in Physics, and next semester I am taking Honors Physics I.

    Even though I have aspirations to study physics for a degree I have absolutely no knowledge in physics that could probably help me in the class in the spring. I was wondering if there was a book I could buy that I could carry with me far into my physics career that I could also start reading now to gain a more stable understanding of physics for the spring and just for personal knowledge.

    Or should I just get my Physics I textbook and let that guide me?

    Please and Thank You :D
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    My recommendation would be to buy the 3-volume set of the "Feynman Lectures on Physics" and read them cover to cover.
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    Buy your textbook. It's the best textbook for Principles of Physics anywhere. It'll make your ridiculous GT classes that much less ridiculous.
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