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My sticky thread in differential geometry

  1. Sep 13, 2004 #1
    i once deleted my posts from the sticky thread on differential forms, because i do not agree with PF's strong censorship policies, and therefore do not want my words posted there in perpetuum. if you are not willing to allow me to remove the words which you asked me to copy and paste here from sciforums, then would you at least make the thread not sticky? I do not feel comfortable with this forum using my hard work to represent itself against my will.

    it seems to me that in the interests of honesty and full disclosure, you should make clear in you site guidelines that PF reserves the right to keep your copyrighted works forever once you have deleted them.

    it also seems to be that whoever (re-)posted my copyrighted words to that thread was in violation of PF's policy of not infringing on copyrights (although IANAL).

    it is an underhanded trick. I hold the copyright on my words. I ask you to at least remove the thread's sticky status if you are unwilling to allow me to take my ball and go home.
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    welcome back lethe :uhh: your thread is unstuck compliments of your good friend chroot :biggrin:
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    that guy is not my friend. he is a liar
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    Tom Mattson

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    The misunderstanding here is what is actually meant by "deleting messages". When you deleted the messages, you "soft" deleted them. That means they never left the site. They were simply out of view from the membership (but not the staff).

    All that was done to your messages was an "undelete". It is considered an act of editing, which the PF staff openly reserves the right to do.
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    Anticipating the inevitable, yes, this is a reasonable policy because it allows us more control over the content of the forums. We've had people mass-delete their posts, for example, which is very disruptive to the forum.
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