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MY-T engine real? fake?

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    one problem, the website is down, and has been for quite some time now. lots of info on the site great candidate for a high efficiency diesel engine.
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    a lot of new information has come forward since then "the last post" and a lot of videos, it doesn't help that some scammers have used the name to steal money from would-be investors and ground the good name of morgado into the dirt but I would like to see if this is really something real, I would just love to believe that it is true.
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    Hi first post here,

    IMO, the biggest problems facing combustion engines are the energy losses associated with them (or inefficiencies, rather). Were all familiar with what they are. Modern engines have been worked on and tuned to a point now, where they're basically as good as they're going to get. So unless this engine offers a way to combat these losses, I'm reluctant to believe reconfiguring the cylinders will cause a revolution.

    Looking at the engine and its peak torque being measured at 800rpm, I would hazard a guess and say these engines will inherently always have a low rpm and hence struggle to output desired power and require larger than normal gearboxes to accommodate.
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