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My thoughts about my future

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    I entered university fall 2004 to study engineering physics. The course program was quite interesting and im pretty satisfied with what I`ve learned so far. But i think i dont have that much interest in all sorts of machines and stuff like that. I could say i like calculus and pure math more (series, diferential an integral calculus, diferential equations etc.). But im not sure who I wanna be in the future. i know its a bad thing but thats the way it is. Any objective opinions?
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    Many students don't have direction to where they want to end up.

    This is very normal.

    You know what you enjoy (maths), but you don't know where you want it to take you.

    Have you considered teaching high school? Or should you go for a masters you may be able to teach first and second year courses at university.
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    Don't worry too much. We all have been there. You will find your way through, trust me. You need to think about your options. Do you want to go for more fundamental research ? Then you should look in the direction of physics more then engineering. There are many options like theoretical physics in several areas (field theory, condensed matter, QM, solid state) or you can go for the more experimental work in the lab or some other research facility. You can also apply your knowledge in electronics or nanotechnology. really, you have many options and that's a good thing. Just be patient. The devine sign will strike some time :wink:


    Scroll down to the 'what is a physicist' entry for more info and links to various options in the real world.
    https://www.physicsforums.com/journal.php?s=&action=view&journalid=13790&perpage=10&page=8 [Broken]
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    No, no! It is NOT a bad thing!

    As singleton has pointed out, it is common that most students don't know what they want to do or where they want to end up. In fact, I'd say that the students who are VERY rigid into thinking they know exactly what they want to do tend to set themselves up for a failure. Things very seldom work the way one plans.

    The problem in giving you any more concrete advice is that most of us, or I in particular, don't know your situation, or the environment you're in. So we can't tell you that so-and-so opportunity is available after you graduate. What I do suggest you do is get as b-r-o-a-d of an experience as possible while you're in school. Engineering physics already allows you to stradle two different fields. So get as much as you can from each side. It allows you the flexibility to go in one direction or another if you finally find something you can and want to do.

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