My Thoughts on everything.

  1. Well I am Christian so I beleave in the God of the Bible. Anyway that is bestides the point.

    Well my view of everything is this. The big bang was God speaking the world into beaning. My view of God is not so much as a all powerfull beaning but more of a Math Code that is alive and that is the all powerfull beaning. Who know's God might be the missing Equasion in the Theroy of Everything.
    Sorry if my idea is not so strong LOL. I am new to the firld of Physics and am reading Hyperspace wich is one of my favorit books.
    By the way how may of you have seen the movie [pi] that is on of my favorit moves.

    Thanks for your time.
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  3. Look up Spinoza and his philosophy of the "god" of Einstein and I think Michio Kaku as well.

    Pi? Yeah... just remember to avoid power drills. :wink:
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    Say, I thought the religion forum had been closed down to new thread creation???
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    not sure why this was posted here unless it was kicked from a regular active forum...
  6. I had looked to see if any trace of mentor moving it could be seen, but didn't find anything, which is what peaked my curiosity.
  7. I will bite, seriously, i will, lol

    Ok, if you propose to say that GOD is the movable that was unmoved, and thus the cause of the explosion, then how do you explain GOD? Where did GOD come from? What is the age of GOD? Does GOD have an age? Does GOD have a nature?
  8. Where did God come from?

    God is what is

    He is the beginning

    If you ask where God comes from then you obviously don't have an understanding of creation from any standpoint. Let's take the Big Bang Theory, where did the single atom come from? We don't know, but if we did where did that thing come from? At some point there has to be a beginning, and if one would know what one was talking about in a religous forum then the beginning would be obvious, the beginning is GOD.
  9. Why would there have to be a beginning? More to the point, why would we have to assume it is god? We can conceptualize infinity as existing when speaking of god, so why not the universe? ``Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate'' and all that.
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