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My thread was marked as of Substandard Quality

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    I'm guilty of being new to this forum, and thought you guys were a group of friendly and accommodative folks.

    Made a mistake of posting a question about QM and its impact on real life, and was punished through an immediate removal of the thread by a gentleman that goes by the name of fresh_42.

    The title of the thread in question was: Why is life random at times and not random most of the time?

    I asked this gentleman the reason of his actions, and this is what he responded:

    "it hasn't been a bit philosophical, it was purely philosophical. In addition "why" questions are basically not to answer. They open up a debate about all and everything. Additionally the connection to QM has been rather artificial. It doesn't have anything to do with whether someone has an accident or not. Also what does "most of the time" or "almost 100%" mean?


    My paltry take on this is that the quality standards are subject to personal opinion of the moderators/mentors of this forum. If it clicks them, it's acceptable, if not then it can be promptly deleted.

    - Why can't we ask simple why questions?
    - Why can't we ask philosophical questions?
    - Why can't questions that are "open for debate" be debated?

    I registered today, and being blunted out because it did not match the mood of a certain individual.

    Bully behavior, that is what it is.

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    We are friendly, but we try to keep away from philosophical and religious matters. There is, as of now, no quantum mechanical model of life in general and human conscience/will in particular, thus any discussion on this would be pointless.
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    I apologize for my outburst. A bit unnecessary.

    But coming to the topic, shouldn't the members decide on whether it is pointless or worth a point or two?

    The whole mission of these forums is to talk and to get the debate going. There are plenty of science websites out there that provide information. Forums exist to encourage "friendly communities."

    Either way, I believe I will be wasting my time, since you guys operate in a certain manner, which cannot be questioned.

    I had to let my thoughts known here. Would rather not participate in the future.

    Thank you.
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    Physics isn't much concerned with "why" questions. For a good explanation, see this interview with Richard Feynmann - .
    Because they aren't allowed at this site. We used to have a section that dealt with philosophy, but such questions produced so much heat and so little light, that the staff (mentors and administrators) decided to discontinue this section.
    Our guiding principle is this, taken from the rules and guidelines for this forum:
    It had nothing to do with the mood of an individual. When you registered at this site, you registered under the condition that you agreed with our rules and guidelines. Please take another look at them - https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/physics-forums-global-guidelines.414380/

    Thread closed.
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