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A My universe theory

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    Knowledge bomb yo!!
    My Babyverse theory

    Ha so no doubt therez an original universe that has existed forever, in this big bang theory however, universez are created when a certain amount of energy is sucked into a black hole, that compressed energy then explodez resulting in a subatomic big bang creating a subatomic universe inside of that black hole. Now therez some science law that statez that nothing can be created in an explosion but thatz incorrect, it should state that nothing observable can be created in an explosion az compressing energy to the point of a subatomic explosion is the only way to create a new universe. So starz are eggz, when they collapse and become black holez the energy they suck in is the sperm and the (not so) big bang is the baby universe, or babyverse ha and the force of the (not so) big bang spinz everything away from where the black hole is still sucking stuff in, creating the force that the gravity of that babyverse is drawn from.(gravitonz and quantum fluid aint real yo) Then when that black hole evaporatez the babyverse within joinz the larger outside universe and existz az a subatomic universe in the one before it, and az the starz in the baby universez collapse the process repeatz to create more babyversez that are subatomic to the already subatomic babyverse that came before them and so on. That is the cycle of how universez are made and our universe could be like the billionth babyverse in itz cycle, thatz how small we are and also why space seemz infinite ha
    The point of a universe is to create more universez that exist in subatomic dimensionz (size wise) to the one before it so that the end result can join the original, the original universe in itz dimensionz is the biggest, but because of how time workz in subatomic dimensionz (still size wise) the newest universe will be the oldest and so itz more likely that the newest universe will be the most evolved, and thatz what the original wantz, because eventually a universe will produce beingz that can travel to previously created universez and eventually those beingz will get to the original sized one where pretty much a god will be waiting for them ha so what you guyz think??
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