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My USB transcend not opening?

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    I recently bought Transcend USB storage JF 30 initially it was really good and I can able to copy or paste in it. Now what happenned when i insert into the usb port my operating system recognize it then i immediately went inside My computer and double clicked the REmovable disk drive its not opening. I dont know what is the exact problem why it is behaving like that, Im now opening my usb by right click only, yesterday that has also some problems , if you right click the removable disk you will see the options like "Open" "AutoPlay" SEarch etc. But now i see unicode characters please help me in this issue how to get back my usb storage into normal.
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    Did you do anything to your system in the time from when it went from working to not working?
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    I'd try updating the chipset drivers for your motherboard, typically most boards have two chips ( North Bridge and Southbridge) the Southbridge chip is what helps control the USB ports.
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    If you're seeing funny characters in your filenames, it probably means the filesystem on the device is damaged -- probably beyond repair. I would advise reformatting the device, and avoid storing anything important on it. If it continues to have problems, it should be replaced.

    - Warren
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    Try it in another PC first. It's not always the device itself. At the least, backup the drive before formatting.
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