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My view of USA

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    I cant provide "source" for any of these since these are facts/lies of USA I got in my 15 years of life on earth (from TV, papers, etc). Please clarify whether the following are a correct opinion of USA .

    You marry someone on Monday divroce the person on Friday.
    Americans use lots of unnecessary words like "****" "kick your ass" (I wanna know what the real meaning of ass is" It is donkey right?) etc
    Americans have sex as early as 13 years and child marriage is allowed by law.
    Parents go to work and generally tend to forget their children.
    People are willing to blow lots of money on things like tatooes, dates etc.
    Most Americans are crazy (I got this idea after seeing Ripley' Believe it or Not)
    They would do anything for money( I got this idea after seeing in a program where u could take anything in the store for free if u came naked and Fear Factor)
    Most Americans dont have a good idea about the outside world.
    They are generally bad mannered.
    You can sue anayone for anything.(Like this guy who sued the parents of a teenager he killed)
    The americans dont know that they are under a Republic government (I dont mean the four parties) i.e. they elect the head of the state directly.
    Women are mostly immodest.
    The women "gladly" set up kissing booths and act in porn movies.
    Porn is legally allowed in the US
    USA is probably going to lose its superpower status within a century.
    USA is the best example of the maxim "There are no friends in politics only interests"
    US AID is like **** (this is becoz the grains that US sent to India a long time ago were full of worms and what not and the entire thing was thrown into the sea)
    US survives primarily on the money it borrowes from poor countries like Russia, China, India.
    Though US supported Free Trade it does not do so now that the chineese textiles are flooeding its markets.
    U.S. is full of rich people who have gone mad in the name of eccentricsm.
    Most music videos cant be distinguished from pron videos.

    And many many more which shall be added in a few days.
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    Not a single one of your conceptions applies to even a fraction of a percent of Americans in general. What you are seeing is the movies, movies are entertainment they are not reality. It is the fraction of a percent of the population which provides the entertainment value, the rest of us are dead boring.

    BTW: In English slang ass refers to the part of your body you sit on. Obviously you spend to much time sitting on your ass watching movies. :biggrin:

    One has to wonder about how good of a picture any culture has of another. Your image of America is very skewed, do you have any better of an image of France, or Germany or any other foreign culture? I would bet that that is not a characteristic of any single culture but of all cultures.. something we have uncommon?
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    And for whatever reason, people keep wanting to come live here. What a horrible place this must be!
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    Yes most of those are somewhat true.

    The US is full of rich people? That is completely false.

    Children have sex at 13: Yes this is sadly true. But you know and I know, people in the US have very little morals for things like this.

    The women "gladly" set up kissing booths and act in porn movies.: If you are getting at that most women in the US are sluts, then I would _generally_ have to agree.

    US aid is like ****: Beats me, I have never received any of their aid.

    You can marry someone on monday and divorce them on friday: Although I am unsure of whether or not you can actually, legally, do this, I see your point.

    Like I said, most of these things are somewhat true, but they are not true of all the people in the US.
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    I cant speak for American culture that much, but if you want to know what I think I *know* of Russian culture I can tell you that the same exact thing can be said about them too. There are always exceptions, and out of 300+ million people you are bound to have groups of people who behave in a percentage of ways you've described. I'm not aware about the US AID to India and what exactly it encompasses.

    You can say there are a lot of rednecks in Midwest who will behave that exact way, but to generalize all people living here would be incorrect. Besides if you can point out an ideal place in the world where none of this happens (and Canada doesnt count - they are 1/10th the population they should be happy the Mexicans cant walk that far) then we'll discuss the situation
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    My view of USA:
    Put a Californian and Alabaman in the same room, and they'll be at each other's throats in a couple of seconds, unless a snobbish Bostonian enters, in which case they make common cause against him.
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    Seriously , US is like some master and slaves respect US just because of the fear within the people . Belonging to the biggest democracy on earth , I can certainly assert that US will soon see the dusk.

    The world knows UN is nothing but a slave of USA .

    I have personally seen that US sent the 'WTC tower ruins' to India.....Now they have been recycled but some of it is not disposable , so they have thrown some of it into the sea.

    And the only Americans I support is "Green Day"
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    "The women "gladly" set up kissing booths and act in porn movies.
    Porn is legally allowed in the US"
    Yeah. And most of the western world. So?

    "US AID is like **** (this is becoz the grains that US sent to India a long time ago were full of worms and what not and the entire thing was thrown into the sea)"
    That's gratitude for you. Those were AMERICAN worms, you fiend!

    "Most music videos cant be distinguished from pron videos."
    Ha ha! Good 'ol Snoop!
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    The thing I wanna know is... is it true that bestiality is legal in some states (and I don't mean states like drunk or stoned)?
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    Let's address some of the opinions with real facts :

    The divorce fraction in the US is 49% (ranked 11th in the world; the top ten are almost entirely from northern and eastern Europe). By comparison, the divorce fractions in the UK, Canada and Italy are respectively 53, 45 and 12%.

    The divorce rate (number of marriages that see a divorce each year, per 1000) in the US is the highest among all countries, at 4.95. The numbers for the UK, Canada and Italy are 3.1, 2.5 and 0.3
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    these sorts of misconceptions are always so awesome to deal with. its particularly fantastic that you're getting so many mixed responses.

    look how half the stuff you listed obviously would imply others.
    hmm, we're all rich? then it would appear we're money obsessed... this makes sense. now, if we're obsessed with money, then is it surprising that some parents neglect their kids in order to work? now, the family life is disrupted, so is it surprising that we have lots of divorces?
    seriously, just about everything you listed is linked up with everything else. now, i can promised you, you've hardly touched upon the lifestyles of every american. you just looked at the class of people emphasized by hollywood and other industries.

    now, the other thing is this. if you're getting these views from television, movies, and other sources of mass media, then you obviously should be wary. that stuff is produced for one thing only... profit. its meant to sell, and obviously their tactics work. you're now interested in their product... americans and their culture. now, perhaps you're displeased or disgusted... but you're interested enough to buy the fabrications that is being sold to you.

    even at the young age of 15, i'd hope that you'd understand that generalizations of people tend to be largely innaccurate. especially as the group you generalize gets bigger.

    now, chew on this, you've just shown the common thoughts about americans as though by many foriegners. now, how what would you expect us to think of you? words that would roll of my tounge would be ignorant, rude, ungrateful, jealous, close minded... also, if other countries are looking at us and thinking that we're all rich sex fiends, how do you think we'd act? all those americans who aren't rich feel this pressure to become rich, because "we're americans" as if that implies we must be.

    at any rate, i think you should seriously reconsider your opinions.
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    As well as in the rest of the developed world and most of the developing world, including India.
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    Easy tiger! I think the OP clearly states these are comments on how Americans are REPRESENTED in various media, most of which, no doubt, are American-produced (movies, TV, etc). He's just asking people to sort the s--t from the roses. So think carefully about who is creating these myths before bashing the ignorant, rude, ungrateful, jealous, close minded foreigners, eh?
  16. Jun 15, 2005 #15
    i wasn't calling the OP those things... i'm just saying, how would he expect us to think of him? or anyone who thinks of us that way? those are words that would come to mind. i understand thats how americans are simply portrayed, and i accept that. what bothers me of course is that the OP actually though he could use mass media as a reliable source...
  17. Jun 15, 2005 #16
    Fine, though... "you've just shown the common thoughts about americans as though by many foriegners. now, how what would you expect us to think of you? words that would roll of my tounge would be ignorant, rude, ungrateful, jealous, close minded..." does suggest you think these are views formulated by foreigners. Some of which may be, of course. But as the OP just asked which are true and false, you can't tell him he needs to revise his opinion.

    On the other hand, though, what is the point of this thread, chound? It just looks like a wind-up exercise to me.
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    There are 1,678,765 Indian Americans in the USA

    Please read the link, its a site called Out of India. It seems people from your country do very well here.
    When I went to India, I saw some really bad things, hidden in with the beauty. Evey country has its ugly side, yours is no exception.

    Google Results for - porn from India
    Result 1 - 10 of about 215000. Search took 0.224610 seconds.

    Looks like India may have some porn too
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    The more I read about the US, the less am I able to find any reliable common denominators.
    Obsession with money?
    Acquaint yourself with the attitudes of American academics, and quite a different picture emerges.

    Prudishness and sexual puritanism?
    Have a stroll in Greenwich Village.

    Licentiousness and loose morals?
    Visit the Amish.
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    You are only 15 so I will cut you some slack. I'll only put my two cents worth in on a few of these:

    It's called an annulment. It does happen sometimes.

    You've been watching Jerry Springer, haven't you?

    I guess that is based on a point of view. Personally, I think Indians faced with the highest level of poverty I have ever seen yet still insist on reproducing and creating more hungry people reliant on the state insane. But that's just me.

    And yet you prove your knowledge of us with these statements...Look up "hypocrisy" in an english dictionary.

    Compared to Canadians, yes.

    Come on. That's just rude.

    Only the fun ones (just kidding).

    Yes. It's called freedom of speech.

    Very possible. Very possible indeed. So what? Personally, I'd like the opportunity to sit back and wait for someone else to throw money at us and wait for them to do something I don't like so I can bad mouth and second guess them. It will be refreshing.

    If you change that to read "business in the USA..." I'd agree with you on that.

    Bub. There is no other country that puts out as much in aid as we do.

    The US is in free trade agreements under NAFTA. That's North America. China is not in North America last time I looked. Take a look at the US trade deficit with China and get back to us on that one.

    Let's hope you don't get any more of these gems by watching MTV and Montel Williams.
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    If I would believe Indian blockbuster movies, all Indians are dancing all day long singing songs to their lovers :rolleyes:

    .. clearly a bad source of information. It does tell something about the identity of the nation, apparently Americans are not too concerned with the image that is put out.. you will not see an Indian movie star kissing on screen and I think that a certain level of morals/standards need to be perpetuated.
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