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My Website - Calculus and DE tutorials

  1. Oct 3, 2005 #1
    Hey guys, I just made a website and I included a mathematics tutorial section. The topics range from calc 1 - 3 (the basics). Some of the stuff at this point might be much to easy for you guys, but I'll be adding much harder calculus tutorials and DE tutorials as well. Just gotta start at the beginning before I pile on the hard stuff :)

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    yea sorry, i had to quickly change hosts....ill keep you updated
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    ok, its back up! www.thehowandwhy.com[/URL]

    check out the math section...pretty basic so far, but may be of some help to people.
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    Nice site. I'd just like to correct something under vectors though. The projection of b onto a should actually be:


    I think you only had |a| in the denominator.

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    thanks! you are correct, i meant to put |a|^2 in the denominator, since a dot a = |a|^2.

    thanks again, ill update it right now.
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