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My Windows is fake

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    A couple of years ago, I met some missionaries and was told that God would get angry if I would decline any of his offerings. So I downloaded an online version of Window 8.1 pro and I was offered a free product key. Later the Windows asked me to install updates, but right after all updates were fully done, I couldn't log in my computer any more (I entered the password but the whole computer screen became black - I set my screen background a solid color of Black usually), the task-bar wasn't loaded, it stayed the same status like so forever until I had to press the reset button. Next and next and next loggins still resulted in the same black screen with nothing being loaded.
    Therefore I had to use another computer to redownload the iso file and make a bootable CD with it, and then reboot the damaged computer from it. Everything worked fine. Now the old updates show up again in PC Settings. But I checked and found none that could check my Windows as to whether or not it might be genuine. My Windows is genuine and activated though. But I remember after the first installation there was some update sh*t program that cancelled out my registered key and claimed it was fake.
    Now that I posted this message to the forum, that also means I show public audience my current security holes because I haven't installed latest updates. I am now like living in the middle of 2 running up and down streams.
    I am not afraid to tell everyone about my use of fake windows though because I assure among 100 people living next door to me 99 of them are using fake Windows too. :D

    Any rescue to the sincere but poor and dying layperson please ? Thanks a million times.
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    Huh? Your post is very confusing and barely in English but it sounds like you downloaded what you thought was a pirated version of windows but got a virus instead...

    Is that what you mean by "fake windows"?

    Then you put that same ISO on another machine after it broke the first one?

    You then state that your "Windows is genuine and activated though". So I'm not sure what you're trying to say.

    You'll need to be a little more clear and explain what you actually did in order to get a helpful response.
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    Next time, ask God for an ID before accepting an offering from him.

    You should be able to get your computer back by installing a legit copy of windows. It may be as simple as buying a license online and entering it, if you can get that far into your machine.
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    If I'm interpreting his post correctly, he installed a virus. If that's the case, Installing a legit copy of windows won't do any good until the virus is removed.
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    Where do you live where such thievery is the norm, not the exception?
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    The way I read it, he installed a pirated copy of windows, which worked fine until he tried to download updates, at which time, MS found out and locked his computer.
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    My windows is not activated and proved genuine :D . Only a "fake" windows of Cleanup Manager automatically displays whenever my computer becomes idle for a while and automatically disappears when my keyboard or mouse becomes active again. I scanned my computer with AVG and ESET and found none. But that popup of CM is mysterious.
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    :H Vietnam, Bruce's hometown.
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    Dell sent me my Windows 7 years ago, it has now decided it is "not genuine" and it doesn't work properly. It is definitely not pirated.

    I'm sure there is a solution to this but I can't be bothered... Ubuntu is better anyway.

    If you install Ubuntu you can use your computer again, leave your windows partition and you'll be able to access all your saved stuff. If you make a livedisk or live usb you can get all your saved stuff off your harddrive without making any permanent changes to your computer.

    It's a different operating system, it's not just a program, so if you haven't heard about it read up on it before installing it so there won't be an surprises.
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    Ubuntu is for client or personal use only
    Centos/redhat is for server use.
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    My mom's HCL laptop did the same thing with XP, running a system restore to a check point before the last update fixed it.
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