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My You, Me, Him theory.

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    My "You, Me, Him" theory.

    To recap a previous idea:
    Theres a continuous discussion of the result in making an ABSOLUTE MIRROR copy of ones self. Of course we would be forced to ask the question "am i still me?" How would you truely know that your the original, or just the copy? How can you exist as two seperate (but exactly the same) consciousnesses? These are just a couple of the questions that ive seen flying around about the subject. It's hard to make any firm conclusions because we are restricted to our own conscious reality.
    Let's hypothetically assume that our consciousness is TRUELY the same in our "COPY". Not just our sense of self but our sense of SPIRIT, SOUL, "I AM".....
    so "I" am actually living my life in two seperate realities. If one were to take this approach to thinking about it, the word "COPY" almost seems inappropriate. It's more of a dual awareness. Living your life in two seperate conscious realities.
    Well if thats true, then i ask:
    how much changing has to be done to your "copy" before this can no longer be described as a dual awareness in the same universe? Change of hair color? Slight change of a childhood memory? An insignificant adjustment to a personality trait?
    At this point it becomes rational that the amount of "change" wouldn't change this "dual awareness" that i described.
    If i were to take my mirror self, and alter his personality to the point where he is exactly like YOU, the reader, then that clone is
    1) You. Molecule by molecule. Exactly the same.
    2) Me. Since he was a copy of me before alteration.
    3) Him. Because he is now living his own, unique conscious reality.

    So then to my conclusion.
    We are really just "copies of eachother".
    If i were to take my mirror self, and alter his personality to the point where he is exactly like YOU, then he is You, Me, Him..
    I'm not intending to say "we share the same consciousness", because i am not going to ignore that fact that our brain is responsible for it all, but it helps become more aware of this parallel existence / connection we have with eachother. It is also amusing to realize that your all living lifes just like me. We are so used to having one singular "sense of self". It keeps me up at night.. I feel stuck in my mind only living one life. Just knowing that theres billions of individual conscious realities living on the same rock as me boggles my mind. I get too easily tripped out by this kind of stuff :tongue2:
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