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Myron Evans O(3) Electromagnetism

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    Afther a bit of research i have at last found the right place to learn about the Miron Evans theory.

    It is here:

    From the many papers enumerated there i have foudn that these could be one of the most self-contained:

    http://www.aias.us/Note05182003/finalwaveeqnms.pdf [Broken]

    As far as i have understood till now (these guy is very disordered and it is hard to guess which are his claims and the order in wich they appeared) i belive the history is something like these:

    Some experimental facts (inverse farday effect-phase free magnetization by circularly polarized electromagnetic radiaton), other non linear optics fenomenology,and i guess also the sagnac effect) left him to guess classical and quantum U(1) electromagnetism is not the right theory.

    Instead there is a O(3) theory wich allows further polarization states.

    Them gran unified theories wouldn´t result in SU(3)xSU(2)xU(1) but in SU(3)xSU(2)xO(3).

    Later he found a way to relate his O(3) theorywith general relativiy resulting in an unified theory of all known interactions. (aparently it overcomes the coleman-mandela therem without supersymmetry)

    In a diferent paper he speaks of some kind of antisymmetrized gravity as source of his theory.

    As far as i have seen till now he has good ideas and good arguments. Anybody know exactly why he is considered an outsider? and how, beeing an outsider he an publish books in rigurous editorials?

    Unhappily i have not
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