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MySQL: schema, model

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    Hi, I am self learning MySQL, I am a bit confuse with the terminology, can someone explain a little bit what is schema and model? And how they are usually used? Thanks.
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    Short answer:

    "Model" is a feature of MySQL Workbench, not really the database software itself. You use it to model out a database like you would on pen and paper. Once you've modeled a database, there's a menu option somewhere (I haven't used Workbench in a while :)) that automatically creates and executes the SQL queries to actually create the database/schema on the database server. Personally, I find Workbench to be confusing and clunky, and just model on pen and paper then write the queries myself.

    "Schemas" are what most other database software calls "databases." It's the database that's actually running on the server that you query. One MySQL server can run multiple databases if you wish.
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